Content for pro

0.01$ per paid page

Pay the content creators fairly and just for the content you watch. No useless subscriptions or intrusive ads that don't pay the creator enough and slow down your pc

Content for pro

What is the use of MyContent?

Our world is changing day by day and the phenomenon has only accelerated since the beginning of the internet.
We have noticed that advertising does not pay content creators enough, sometimes not even enough to cover server hosting.
That's why we've decided to create MyContent(for users) and Go Content (for pros).
It's a solution that content creators can add to their website that will allow them to live from their content, much more than from advertising.

After creating an account and depositing money (min. 5$), when you go to a paid page which integrates our solution (Go Content), your account will be debited by one cent.
You will only pay once for the same content.

What happends When I go into a page with Go Content?

On the top of you're page, you will see :

How much money is available in your account in $
The first time you see a content : 🔥
If you've already seen this content : ✅