Why is blogging so important for my brand ?

  Why is blogging so important for my brand ?

Why is blogging so important for my brand ?

First of all, if your brand only on the internet, you should understand that if you're brand only on the internet (you don't have any store), people will found you on the web in two different ways.

The first way is the cheaper and gets more results for a long period of time, we are talking about SEO (also known as search engine optimization). The second way is by the way of ads, every form of ads, in the street, on the internet, as you want.
Ads are problematic because you can totally win a lot of clients if your ads are relevant enough for the client but they can miss click and so close the window (even if you have paid the click as a voluntary one). I recommend you to use ads only if the target is clear and targeted. Otherwise, it's a good way to burn money.

SEO is what we are interested in. Indeed, it can bring you a lot of clients without spending more money (once the content is created, it's done). Blogging is important for you because it brings traffic to your business

How can I set up a blog for my brand?

This blog is a company blog, it allows Go Content solutions to be known. Otherwise, our website would be lost in the abyss of the internet. Set-up a blog is really easy and this blog was created in a day, we didn't use WordPress or whatever, we code it by ourselves in PHP and MySQL. We recommend you to learn code instead of using pre-made solutions to eventually create a day something that could revolutionize the world.
Anyway, it is so much faster to use WordPress.
This technical part has been said, we can move to the content part.

First, be regular in your content creation.
If every Saturday, you're publishing an article, the Google index robot will come back to check the content of the new article and index it.

The content of the article must contain a lot of words to be on the first page of Google (we talk only about Google because it represents more than 90% of the web traffic), you're blog article must contain around 1.000 words but 700 words are fine.

Thinks to include your brand keyword, if you're a skateboard brand, you will identify keywords as skate, skateboard, skatepark, freestyle... Create a lot of subjects around your thematic that will associate your brand with these subjects allows your brand to reach an audience that is really interested in your thematic. This audience will be easy to convert into a client because they're interested in your article and so into your brand products.

how to convert a blog audience into clients of my brand

Conver you're blog brand audience could appear to be hard but it's not and you would be amazed at how important is the conversion rate in this case.
First, now you have a blog around your thematic, people that follow you're article are interested in your thematic and so your're brand. They're so potentially future clients of you're brand.
To make the clients, you can start by promoting the products of your brand, for example, when you're talking about skateboard wheels, you can recommend different types of wheels that you're selling on your online website. With one hour per week of writing an article for your brand blog, you will certainly be surprised by the result that it may have!

Blogging is not that important but it will bring traffic and clients to your business directly and it will totally get your business out of the water

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