How to start coding ?

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How to start coding?

To start coding, you need to find an idea that will help you to move forward.
Otherwise, you won't get the motivation to code and you will not meet troubles that will be terrible for you at first, but they will help you to make progress fast after you solved them.

They are multiple articles on the web to help you solve your troubles, so you don't have to worry about that.

The most important thing to start coding is to find a language.
Find a langage to start coding is not an easy task, you can search the most popular programming langage in 2021 or the programming langage that offer higher salary.

Even if you don't want to be a programmer, it is a really searched job and if you become good enough it could worth it to become a programmer instead of your current job.

Where can i found code lessons?

First you have choose a popular langage (it is easier to learn a popular langage because there is more tutorial and content on the web),
search on the web tutorial about your langage.
For python, which is popular, you can found tuto as w3 schools or directly go into the docs of your langage, for python, it is
The docs of the langage is the easiest way to learn.

By using the language docs, you have access to code examples but more importantly the explanation of every single function and how it works.
You won't be good at programming if you don't understand what every words, punctuation, or even letter do inside a code.
By practicing and working on a project, you will understand the programming language and that will become a language for you.

Once you have learned, practice, again and again, you will feel comfortable as if it were your native language

When can i become a programmer?

Don't become a programmer right after starting coding.

Develop your own project and when you have at least two years of experience of if you feel comfortable at coding, you can start testing yourself by doing freelance missions.

When you are applying to a freelance mission, they will ask you what you've done before.
That's is the second reason why it is important to make a project for yourself before working for others (after learning).

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