How can I replace my free content with paid content?

  Replace free content with paid content

When should I replace my free content with paid content?

First of all, you should never stop writing free content, they allow you to be known, are shared, and has a consequent impact on your SEO. You should never stop writing free content.

When people go to your website, they check one or more free content before starting to pay for your content. There is no chance that people that don't know you before start to pay for your content, even if you've got the best meta tag or the best title ever.

For example, with the Go content solution, people can afford to see a paid content even if they don't know you before because we're making the payment task so much easier for all the paid content creators but imagine that people have to, every time they see a paid content, even if they don't allow their trust to the website, that they've to pay a subscription despite they just want to see specific paid content.

So, to know when to replace some of your free content with your paid content, you need to look at your traffic.
If you don't have many visitors, less than 1000 per month, the right thing to do is to continue to create traffic, SEO optimized. With less than 1000 visitors/month, it will be a waste of time to alternate with paid content and free content, if you only create paid content, you will probably not gain in traffic.

If you are losing traffic, don't try to make your content paid, try to optimize SEO and create more content.
Then, if you did that well, you will gain traffic from day to day.

If you've more than 1000 visitor/month,

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