What is advertising and how it works?

  What is advertising ?

Advertising is the more basic system to make money on the internet with content, it's easy and allows everybody to see your content and share it.
The more known system is to display ads on your website and when somebody clicks on your ad, the announcer pays for the visitor that you've to bring to Google.

Half the money that is paid by the announcer goes to Google and half goes to your company before tax.
There is few different factor that affects your advertising revenue:

Viewer demography: This is a huge factor. If you are getting traffic from developed countries, you will make more money per 1000 views compared to traffic coming from tier-2 or Tier-3 countries.

The niche of your Blog: Niche plays a very important role in determining the type of ads displayed on your blog. People who visit your blog are the ones who are interested in your topic. Ads are displayed based on the topic. The competitive the niche, the more money you will make. Topics like Attorney, parenting, CPA marketing, or sales will get a good CPM compared to niches like dating, download sites, or blogs that more traffic from social media.

The type of traffic: If the traffic is coming from the search engine then you will make more money from your blog with AdSense than people who discovered your site from social media. Learn Search engine optimization to make your site more friendly to the search bots.

Your ad placement: if you have a poor ad placement on your blog, you will make less amount of money compared to people who have placed ads that drive them a good click-through rate. A click-through rate is represented with a %, 5% of CTR means out of 100 views, 5 people have clicked on your blog. The website loading speed: A website that loads faster also load ads faster. Using an AMP to load your site faster on Mobile devices. If you are using AMP, your AdSense earnings will decrease but the user experience and with increasing traffic will increase.

You have to already had a lot of traffic to earn a really low salary with Google Adsense, it is disturbing for your traffic and a lot of people that are using advertising don't even reach to cover their web hosting.

Adding to that, people don't like advertising, it is horrible and it is really bad for the user experience.
Advertising creates pollution and it's bad for the planet, indeed, your computer, or smartphone when you need to load a page have to search ads and it needs to calculate. Your CPU is exceeded, so, if you have a basic computer, you won't be able to do a lot of things while charging a page that is containing a lot of ads. Loading ads cost a lot of energy.

And that is not even considering people that can't click on ads because they don't see it while using AdBlock. The part of people that are using AdBlock is getting higher every year and so your revenue does too. This Quora article shows you that the people that are using AdBlock or a similarly blocking ads extension is growing really fast over the years. There is a country where more than half of the web users don't bring money to the web creator for what they see like in Indonesia

So the solution here could be to use paid solution, like Go Content but you will probably lose at least a tiny part of your traffic but that make you sure to earn for the content that your traffic watched!

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