How to write content for my blog ?

  Write content for your blog

Is writing content for my blog easy?

Writing content for your blog can be tough if you aren't an expert on your subject or if you didn't found an interesting subject to talk about. Let's figure out how to found a great subject and how to create content even if you're not a specialist in your subject. Once you've found a subject, it's pretty easy to write a post in a few dozens of minutes or even in minutes (if you write you're content fast)

How to found an interesting subject for my blog?

The toughest part for writing a blog post could be, sometimes, to found the subject of your article.
To found an interesting subject for your blog, you need to focus on your business keywords. Don't write an article about a subject which has nothing to deal with your business.

Check your old blog post, you will maybe found something to develop, for example about the subject "How to make a good photo", which you could develop in another article talking about the correct lighting for a picture.

If you haven't found any old blog posts to develop, you should try to search for what you are interested in, personally and for your business.
If you are a paper company (as Dunder Mifflin) that sells paper, you can talk about what printer is the right to choose, you can make affiliation on that one and that will bring traffic to your paper company and they will certainly buy your paper by the way!

Understand the points of interest of your blog can help you to create some blog content for your brand. If you don't have any clients, for now, it will be interesting to search for subjects that can interest the target of your business.

How to write content for my blog ?

Once you've found a nice subject for your article, think about the structure of your article and make a plan.
What are the main questions of your subject? What can you include in arguments that will answer your question?

What is the right structure of my blog post ?

The right structure for an article (that we use and which works well) is to make, at first an introduction, and then ask a question to yourself into H2 tags.
People, while searching on the internet, are asking questions, they search "What is the best bike ?" and not Top 15 of the best bike.
That's why you need to integer people question into your h2 tags, it works so well for SEO because your competitors, which might do a very close article, will be behind you inside google results because you were specific in your H2 tags.

The H2 Tags is a method that we recommend because we use it and it brings us many clients. It's a tiny part of an SEO strategy but it works well. You might be interested to take a look at the How to get more traffic to my website article, it will explain to you the foundation of SEO and few tricks.

Anyway, for a good blog post, follow the plan that you've to design right after founding an interesting subject

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