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What is advertising ?

Advertising is the more famous system to make money on the internet, it is accessible and allows the visitor to see content for free.

Start to learn code

You wonder how to code and how things work? Well, it's pretty easy to start coding and you don't need to go into a special code. Learn here how to start coding

Replace free content with paid content

When and how should you replace your free content with paid content

Rank #1 on Google Search engine

Rank one on Google for your keywords is the grail for every webmaster. How to rank number one on Google? Learn that here

Write content for your blog

How to write content for my blog that will rank on the first page of Google? How to find an interesting subject and how to develop it without being off subject and how to interest your brand clients with your content?

How to get more traffic to my website ?

Nobody is coming to my website, what can I do to change that? What are the main stakes to get traffic? If you already created some content, it is quite easy to make it rank high

5 benefits for being human-in your social media marketing

What are the advantages to acting like a human being on your social media brand account?

Rank on Google with a paid content

How to rank on google with a paid content ? It's really simple and you just need a few steps to follow to rank number 1 on Google with a paid content

Why is blogging so important for my brand ?

Blogging is so much important for your brand, it creates value around your brand and helps your business to get new client, combined with an SEO strategy, blogging is the method to get your brand off the ground

How to create my own brand ?

How can I create my own brand? It's really simple to create your own brand, you just need time and motivation.