Go Content

What is GoContent ?

GoContent is a platform that allows Content creators to to be fairly paid for their content.
One of it's goal, after paying fairly the creators, it's to make advertising and subscriptions disappear. Nobody like advertising, it busy your CPU and it's really bad for the User Experience.

In a few minutes, the account is ready to use, that means that the users can goes to any website that is using our techonology, help the content creators to live of their passion while users search information in a website without advertising.

Users, to access to your pay content, have to log in on their MyContent Dashboard, set their cookies and Add money to their account.
Once it's done, it is ready to use.

If the user is log and have money on his account, you will earn 0.005$ per view. That is 5 times more than the revenue of adsense in India. The user cannot bypass the platform with AdBlock or any Adblocker.
Your view revenue won't change depending of the economic situation or your country of your traffic.

Advertising is boring and nobody like it, to earn enough, your website has to be drown of advertising and the user experience with this method is really bad. To make your user experience better while continue to make money with your website, you can add GoContent to your website

It's a really simple system, once you have create an account for your company, you have to add a script into the code of your page, once you've done that, set the part of your page that you want to make it pay by using div (more details in the api documentation).

When a user see a first time a page, he got the 🔥 fire emoji on the top of his page, he is so debited of 0.01$ and 0.005$ goes to your account balance (the other half goes to platform fees).
Otherwise, When a user already saw a page, he doesn't page an other time, he got the ✅ check mark emoji.
On the top of a page that use GoContent, the user can see the amount available on his MyContent account too.